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We take good care of the following in order to ensure the products meet customer's requirement and delivery times:

- sample search and mass production
- factory inspection and qualification quality control
- drawings for approval
- packaging and transportation
- prototype build
- import / export documentation
- shipping

Our work process can be illustrated as follows:

1. Analysis and specification

We analyze our client's activities and products to identify where the greatest cost reductions can be achieved. We send the product specification to our office in China.

2. Price inquiry

Our staff in China will request a price quote from suppliers listed in our Approved Supplier Database based on a simplified product description.

3. RFP

For products where cost reductions can be made, Dadi-China works with the client to prepare a Request For Proposal (RFP). The RFP is a complete and detailed product description that enables our Chinese staff to request appropriate offers from a few select suppliers.

4. Quote

Our office in China receives quotes from different suppliers where they state the conditions under which they can accept the assignment. We analyze and discuss the quotes with the client.

5. Sample order

From the different offers presented by Chinese suppliers, Dadi-China and the client decide which products should be produced for samples in a first test round from one or more suppliers. We then evaluate these samples together with the client.

6. Volume order

If these samples meet the specific requirements and the client chooses to place an order, we draw up a contract between Dadi-China and the client regarding volume, price, deliveries, quality specifications, and other terms. We send the order to our office in China and they in turn enter into an agreement with the chosen Chinese supplier.

7. Quality control

Once the order is placed and contracts arranged with suppliers, Dadi-China in China produces a Quality Control Document. This document clearly states all quality specifications and includes inspection criteria and schedules to ensure that the products meet client specifications and expectations. Our staff in China will monitor quality strictly according to the Quality Control Document, including several factory visits and spot checks.

8. Delivery control

We monitor deliveries and logistic procedures for compliance with the terms in the Delivery Control Document. This checklist is specific for each client requirement and ensures deliveries are in compliance with the client's specific criteria.

9. Delivery

The goods are delivered by sea or air according to the agreement with the client.

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